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You and Me Meet Me In The City - Long Center - Hallie Rae Ward - AUsitn ARt - 3.JPG


Long Center

Featured Austin Artist at Long Center
Hallie Rae Ward

Dec. 15th, 2017 - Current

You and Me Meet Me In The City - Long Center - Hallie Rae Ward - Austin Art.JPG

You & Me: Meet Me In The City
Hallie Rae Ward
Linocuts on wood panel
8’ x 4’

(Located near Rollins Theater)

Urban high-rise apartment buildings, with all their windows and residents, have always caused me to wonder as to who lives there, and what goes on behind all those closed doors. This piece represents the grid-like appearance of these buildings, and the individual linocut prints personify the different relationships and experiences between the people behind those windows: couples having intimate moments, people having a party, two people getting to know each other, families living together, friendships growing, and the positive energy that can occur between two people.



1711 South 1st St. Austin, TX 78704
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** If interested in more details and/or purchase of the art piece, please contact:

Hallie Rae Ward

Huge thank you to the Long Center, Deanna Serra, and Art For The People for supporting Austin artists!

You and Me Meet Me In The City - Long Center - Hallie Rae Ward - AUsitn ARt - 3.JPG

Behind the Scenes!

Getting piece from Createscape - Austin - Hallie Rae Ward.JPG

Getting Ready!!

My dad, Dave, and I drove a U-Haul over to Createscape Coworking to pick up "You & Me: Meet Me In The City"! I needed to take the piece back to my studio to get it ready to hang at the Long Center!

mom helping prep piece for Long Center - Hallie Rae Ward - Austin Art.JPG

Always a family effort!!

My brother, Cameron, is always willing to lend a hand to help carry my art in and out of my studio. To complete the Ward family teamwork, my mom, Kem, helped me clean it up and spray a varnish on the piece to protect the linocut prints. It was wet and cold outside, therefore I needed to put up plastic covering my studio to be able to spray it inside. 24hrs later, we took it to the Long Center! I love my family. Thank you!