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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My name is Hallie Rae Ward. I am a fine art artist in Austin, Texas.
I create an environment of jubilation. I am inspired by relationships and my surroundings.
Life is good!
Mixed Media - Painting - Printmaking  
Video Producer: Fum Fum Ko ( http://www.artiscool.co/ )  | Song: Unforgettable by French Montana (feat. Swae Lee)

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“To understand is to stand under, which is to look up to, which is a good way to understand.”
—Sister Mary Corita (Kent) 1918-1986

I celebrate life through the repetition of patterns and simple forms. Repeating patterns and shapes is a kind of meditation for me. Repetition is the way I learn about things. Life itself is generated by repetition; the repetition of DNA, cells, and other structural elements acts as a building process for nature. I look around my personal environment and I revel in the diversity of people, and the many exciting rhythms and varied patterns I see. I do not seek to replicate nature in my art, but I am inspired by nature to create new organized shapes and designs. I also value conceptual simplicity.

Circles represent continuity, there being no beginning and no end. Dots remind me of atoms that make up everything we see. Wavy lines speak of ebb and flow. Bright colors seem to radiate the energy of life. And the playful movement of repeating dashes and bricks are for me taking life one step at a time, in jubilation!

Life is good!