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Please contact me if you are interested in a custom art for your home, office, or restaurant!

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Lost Maples

Mixed Media
80” x 42” x 6”
“Lost Maples” is full of natural beauty from the exposed and elevated limestone, the wild fauna, and the beautiful flora, especially the Bigtooth Maples. This amazing seasonal foliage is a special gift from Mother Nature.

Comfort Grasses by Hallie Rae Ward.JPG

Comfort Grasses

A family saw my “Neon Grasses” and wanted one of their own in custom colors.

“Miss Almighty T”

Nancy and Janet commissioned me to do one of my “The Almighty” beams for their living space. They showed me a photo of where they wanted it, I chose colors I thought would go well, confirmed it with them, created the piece, and installed it for them. It looks beautiful on and off. It creates a Positive Pop space. The pups, Lucy and Stevie, love it too.

“Miss Almighty T”
Hallie Rae Ward
Mixed Media
7’10” x 1.5” diameter

** Available for commissions! **

I am Real - Custom Commission for Nancy and Janet - Hallie Rae Ward.jpg

I am Real

Paper collage & mirror
10" x 10" x .5"

A kind Austin couple loved the quote, "You too can nurture charm in fine reality" and wanted the color scheme of the piece, I am Tall.

This is an example of possibilities!
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Fathom This - Hallie Rae Ward - Austin Art - Austin Artists.jpg

Fathom This!

Mixed Media
5.5" x 15"

** A client saw my pipe cleaner work and loved the idea of doing one that involved people swimming and boats because he is in love with the water and water activities.

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