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It Takes Two to Tango

Acrylic on birch
6" x 24" x 2.5"

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Thats What Its All About by Hallie Rae Ward_.jpg

That’s What It’s All About

Acrylic on plywood
4ft x 8ft
SOLD - Private Corporate Collection in San Antonio, TX

Exhibited at:
Gallery 701 at the Long Center, January – October, 2016 (Austin, Texas)
Art for the People, May – June, 2015 (Austin, Texas)

“That’s What It’s All About” embraces the overall inspirations I have throughout my life. My motto is ‘Life is good’.
It’s important to absorb your surroundings, including the people involved, landscapes, and experiences.
All of these things are what make me who I am.
One must learn to embrace what they have in their lives, or become aware of what they would like their lives to be.