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APD Youth Summer Camp with Share Art Heal

This summer, I led an art project at APD’s Youth Summer Camp at Kealing Middle School. Share Art Heal, a non-profit, had reached out to me, as well as another local artist, S.J. San Juan, to come up with projects for these kids. I was given the theme, anti-hate, anti-bullying. I did two projects, Positive Pop! and What Goes Around, Comes Around. The concept behind my group projects is the idea that all people need to focus more on positive affirmations and positive words for oneself and with others. This helps build a strong foundation and community. S.J.’s group project was the Barton Creek Paintings, getting the kids involved creatively with one of the places that make Austin so special. 

Share Art Heal also took these campers to the Long Center to get a tour as well as check out my solo exhibition, You & Me: It’s in Our Nature in Gallery 701. It was such a great experience to be able to share my art with these kids and to have their collaborative piece, “Positive Pop!” show there for the day.

Interactive art project for kids at the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center at the Dell Children’s Hospital

That’s What It’s All About

From the perspective of the patients of the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center

This project was designed specifically for CBCC. It is based on the original piece of art pictured above, created by local Austin artist, Hallie Rae Ward. Each block is hand painted and placed within the frame to create a constantly changing reminder of the creativity and vision of the children undergoing treatments at CBCC.

This project was funded through the generosity of The Austin Chapter of the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation Promise Circle.