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The RAWards – Nationwide Indie Arts Awards


I wanted to tell you about this nationwide art competition that I qualified for. The first round is online voting, so check it out!

Last year I participated in one of the art showcases hosted by RAW: Natural Born Artists, where I won “Best Booth”. Therefore I qualify for the RAWards for the Visual Arts category!

The RAWards is a nationwide indie arts award competition that consists of nine categories, one of them being Visual Arts. The winner for each category receives a career-building prize package that is specific to their field. (view below for the Visual Arts prize package).


1st Round – online public voting
2nd Round – city-based local judging
FINAL ROUND – final judgement by the official RAWards judge panel

Click on my link below to vote for me! You can vote once a day everyday this week! (Feb. 1st – Feb. 7th). It takes a few steps, but nothing complicated, so please do it

I would really appreciate your vote! I’m working hard to get established as an artist here in Austin and this could be a great jump start for me.

Thank you!!



Create an account (just fill out the name and email information)
Log in
Go to Home Page (click on upper left corner where it says “RAW…”
Click on ‘RAWards Indie Arts Awards’ skinny banner
Search for Hallie Rae Ward – Click on me – VOTE!

You can vote once a day for this week!

Thank you again! I really appreciate your votes and spreading the word. My art studio is always open if you want to swing by.